Academic Goals & Objectives

Understanding their identity and worth as image bearers of God, a student of Muscatine Christian Academy will desire to love God and others, and be academically prepared for God’s calling on their lives in the following ways…

Actively participating in the work of Christ

  • Are actively involved in a church community
  • Possess the skills necessary to resolve conflict in a biblical manner
  • Be effective communicators who express themselves and their faith with truth, clarity and kindness
  • Are productive and efficient in carrying out their tasks, working independently without need of constant supervision
  • Live in humility, grace and empathy toward others, seeking to improve the lives of those within their sphere of influence
  • Have an appreciation for and practice responsible stewardship of God’s creation, including finances, time and all other resources

Gaining knowledge, understanding and wisdom

  • Proficient in mathematics and science and can articulate how these subjects show the attributes of God and how to use them for God’s glory
  • Have a knowledge and an understanding of people, events, and movements in history and can articulate how all of history is God’s story and understand their place in that story.
  • Appreciate literature and the arts, understand how they shape the student’s beliefs and values, and use them for worshiping God and spreading the gospel
  • Know how to utilize resources responsibly – including technology – to find, analyze and evaluate information
  • Skilled in reading, writing, speaking and listening and understand how to use those skills to defend their faith and for the good of others
  • Grounded in biblical truth, being able to identify false teaching, doctrines and opposing worldviews
  • Have the skills to question, solve problems creatively, and make wise decisions using discernment