Our Story

It started with a simple request from a member (a concerned grandmother and teacher in the surrounding area) of Hillcrest Baptist Church to the pastor of Hillcrest – “Pastor, will you pray about something?” After many “reminders” to be praying about something, Bob and Debbie Arndt met with the Pastor and an elder from Hillcrest to talk about what God was placing on their hearts. The next request was a little less simple – “Pastor, will you consider starting a Christian School in Muscatine?”

The three couples decided to hold an informational meeting for the broader community to see if there were other like-minded people in the area. The response was above any expectation, as around 100 people gathered on a Tuesday night in April of 2022 to see what was possible.

The turnout for that informational meeting was all the encouragement needed to see this was a movement of God and the Launch Team for the school was formed.

Nine people stepped forward to accept the invitation to start the school. Later when the team was told what combination of people would make a good Launch Team for a school, it was amazing to see how God placed nearly that exact combination on the team. Muscatine Christian Academy opened it’s doors for 37 students in the fall of 2023.

Read on to learn about our launch process…

Setting Goals

The goals of the Launch Team from the beginning were to:

  • Form a quality, non-denominational, Christian school that is positioned for accountability through accreditation as quickly as possible.
  • Form a school with a strong foundation and the right checks and balances in place to last for generations to come. 
  • Form a school of academic excellence to meet the employment needs in our community, meet academic requirements for higher education, and prepare the students for God’s unique plan for their life.
  • Form a school that would have a lasting, gospel impact on the students and community the school serves.